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It's Time to Stick it to Bookies - Just Make Sure You Don't Win Too Much Or Else You'll Get Banned!

Don't you just hate it when you do a ton of research only to find that the bookies win time and again?

That's Because You're Doing It Wrong!

The bookies have completely covered the more 'popular' markets including the Premier League, La Liga etc. Sure, some people make long-term profit but they are few and far between.

If you enjoy a casual punt or a 7-team acca at the weekend, go for it; just don't expect to come out a winner. Oh, and bookies absolutely love you. I'm sure people who read this will boast about that time their £5 6-team acca came in for £135 but will neglect to mention the other 74 times it didn't.

My propensity to earn four figure profit on average for the last few years have led to an irritating amount of bans and restrictions from online bookies. On the plus side, I have gained enough knowledge to create horse racing strategy guides for companyies such as Race Advisor and Racing Betting.

I specialise in creating easy to understand horse racing strategy guides based on detailed analysis of statistics. The goal is to filter thousands of figures into strategies that are easy to implement. I will send links to my work and perhaps add some new material here. I should add that Racing Advisor does a fantastic job in providng software for avid punters.

As it happens, Soccer and Boxing trading are my other specialties and I hope to provie you with some tips on finding winners. As the vast majority of my wins are in-play, it will be tricky to provide exact tips but I will attempt to do so. Hopefully, you'll finally bash the bookies; the downside is that you'll probably get restricted if you do.


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