Internet Marketing Firm or DIY - Which Should You Choose?

I have found that as my business grows, it provides me with even more challenges and while it feels great to expand, getting bigger and better costs money, lots of it! In order to successfully expand an enterprise, you need to invest more cash in tools and resources and of course more time in your business as a whole.

Internet marketing is potentially one of the [biggest expenditures][1] and as a result, small to medium sized businesses hesitate when it comes to actually taking the plunge and taking a chance on growth. There are several ways to expand: you could hire extra staff or hire the services of a specialist marketing firm. In most cases, the solution is not obvious and it requires detailed analysis. Below, we look at the benefits of hiring an Internet marketing team while a second post at a later date will analyse the downsides to making this decision.

Web Design Professionalism

No matter what your industry is, it is changing rapidly so you need professional web design that can roll with the punches. The best firms love change and variety and embrace it at every turn which is good news for your business. The partners in such firms do everything they can to stay on top of brand new trends and fully understand the impact of new technologies in the long-term.

It goes without saying that you can make a few tweaks in-house. For example, making a few changes for SEO purposes isn’t particularly difficult and you don’t need experts to help. However, the intricacies of website design should be left to a professional firm who understand the process and can create a site that is easily altered to suit changing tastes and appetites. By asking an inexperienced member of your team to take charge of web design, you are seriously reducing the earning potential of your site.

Developing Content

While asking your employees to come up with content and ideas on top of their usual duties seems like a good plan, plenty of organisations have discovered to their cost that employees are unable to balance their workload and as a result, content development falls behind. Yet the bigger issue is the fact that unless your employees are experts in the field of writing, their efforts will lead to subpar content and this will hurt your business.

When you hire an Internet marketing team, they can identify your ideal prospects, find important statistical data about your industry and use this information to communicate your company’s message in the most compelling way possible. Great website copy should be a part of your brand identity rather than a side project because like it or not, great copy makes sales.

Saving Time

Creating a winning Internet marketing strategy is a time consuming process so even if you know what you’re doing, the sheer time commitment could hurt your business as it causes you to take your eye off the ball when it comes to other facets of your organisation. A full-on campaign involves web design, SEO, blogs and articles, PPC marketing, email marketing and much more.

Every single cent you spend on a professional firm should go directly to the management of your business website and the process of finding new leads. If you decide that a firm is the right choice, be sure to choose one with a portfolio of results and testimonials.

If you decide that now is the time to expand and take on the world, you need to decide if you want to go down the DIY route or if a marketing firm is the best option. For most small businesses, DIY is possible but if you are looking for a national or even an international presence, you realistically need an expert team of marketers on your side. Before beginning any project however, be sure that you have clear expectations and goals while utilising tools that can track your return on investment.