Content Marketing Trends You Must Be Aware Of

I have worked on scores of content marketing campaigns and each client has been forced to overcome unique challenges. It is often the case where a client is reluctant to do anything for fear of making a mistake. Yet in the world of content marketing, standing still is the same as going backwards and unless you are prepared to take a risk, you can’t expect to reap a reward.

A successful content marketing campaign can establish you as an expert in your niche which is exceptionally important when it comes to being seen as an authority. As is the case with all online marketing sectors, content marketing is evolving so today, I discuss the trends which are likely to dominate the world of content marketing over the next 12 months or so.

Mobile Will Dominate

This is probably the least surprising prediction since various studies have showed the incredible growth of mobile Internet use. A Morgan Stanley study states that there will be more mobile Internet users than desktop users as early as 2015. Therefore, if mobile integration is not already part of your strategy, it is necessary to start moving in this direction. If you needed further prodding, bear in mind that Google has just introduced the Hummingbird algorithm which will place further emphasis on mobile Internet use.

Failed Automation

The fact is that content marketing is not going to become fully automated but this won’t stop businesses from trying. The biggest issue with automation is the poor standard material that is consistently produced. Since search engines value user experience above all else these days, automation is doomed to failure. There needs to be something of a personal touch involved which is impossible with automation. Companies will try this method of content marketing in the next 12 months, watch their brand’s reputation get damaged and then return to a more traditional form of content marketing.

Daily Engagement

At this moment in time, companies are still too wedded to expensive content and monthly updates. While posting detailed content is an essential means of becoming an authority figure in your niche, you can’t expect to post something twice a month and see a flood of traffic. Personally, I like to post relatively lengthy articles but since I produce 8-10 a month, that’s okay.

I advise my clients to have an even more frequent posting schedule. If you are in the fashion industry for example, you don’t need to have novel-length posts. A simple 200 word post with some colourful pictures will likely suffice in many cases though clearly, the nature of your industry will dictate the level of detail included in any given post. The most successful content marketing strategies of 2014 will involve daily engagement with customers and this in turn will keep the brand in the minds of consumers.

Physical Businesses Will Thrive

So-called ‘bricks and mortar’ stores will benefit massively from content marketing in the near future. Smartphones with GPS capabilities will use personal preference and location-based information in order to show details of special offers in the user’s location. This kind of technology will be all-encompassing within the next 12 months.

If you own a physical store, it is essential for you to use this technology or else your sales will decline to a point where you won’t be able to compete. Imagine a world where people can find out about value deals and discounts in their neighbourhood while on the move. You no longer have to because this is not so much the future as it is the present. Implement mobile content marketing strategies for your store and the next 12-18 months could be a boom period.

Businesses simply have no choice but to increase their level of investment in content marketing both in terms of time and money. If you do this successfully, the possibilities are endless as you begin to understand just how important content marketing is to the survival of your business.

Do you agree that content marketing is moving forward?

Do you have any innovative strategies of your own?